SIKA has been operating in the field of metal forming for several years accumulating a wide experience in national and foreign markets. Nowadays its experience has allowed Sika to be in strong command of a high level of technology used for the cold roll-forming of various types of sections: open, closed, welded and seamed.

What we do

prodotti SIKA

Custom made profiles

Sistemi di parcheggio

Parking Systems

The demand for parking systems is rising continuously.  Several years ago, Sika began producing profiles for the construction of multiparking systems, which are now widely used in Germany and many other countries.

vigneto innevato

Steel posts for vineyards

SIKA poles for vineyards are obtained  through  cold roll-forming  of high-grade steel.  The innovative H + N + H combination punching system allows a more rounded shape that increases poles twist and flexural resistance.

lavorazione acciaio

Cold bending and calendaring of profiles

SIKA produces high quality curved steel profiles, including high strength steel and stainless steel sections. Our technology guarantees our customers an extremely high quality curved steel section optimised to their individual requirements.

accessori in stampaggio

Steel accessories

As an extra service to its customers, SIKA has added to its traditional activity of cold roll forming, the production of metal stamping and forming of accessories to customer specification and drawings.

dettaglio tecnico saldatura

Portoni industriali

SIKA is specialized in manufacturing profiles and for industrial doors: high solidity and reliability, thanks to the large thickness of the material and the high frequency induction welding.


SIKA has been operating in the field of metal forming for several years accumulating a wide experience in national and foreign markets.

We believe that the best can be achieved only by dedicating yourself unreservedly to something and doing it better than anyone else.

macchinario lavorazione acciaio


SIKA uses different kind of machines for the steel and other metals working: therefore it has all the necessary technologies which allow the customer, by only sending the drawing, to obtain the definitive profile.
We realize exclusively special profiles, of complex sections where high quality is required.

We can carry out fully automatic, several processes such as: shearing, welding, drawn-punching, seaming, clinching and many other processes, all following customers’ needs. Punching is completely controlled by NC systems, performing workings by drawing with decimal precision.

For any doubt or further information do not hesitate to contact us, we will reply to you as soon as possible.