About Us

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SIKA has been operating in the field of metal forming for several years accumulating a wide experience in national and foreign markets.

Nowadays its experience has allowed Sika to be in strong command of a high level of technology used for the cold roll-forming of various types of sections: open, closed, welded and seamed. We believe that the best can be achieved only by dedicating yourself unreservedly to something and doing it better than anyone else.

Our strength is our ability to supply high quality “tailor made” products and services.

Special profiles are what we are dedicated to do.

The success of Sika products comes from a policy of constant technical improvements dictating quality care to the whole production process: starting from the designing which is developed in close cooperation with the Customer up to the production, package and stock. We focus on developing long term relationships with our customers. As a matter of fact, since manufacturing special profiles for the first time in the 1995, we have constantly invested in our technology to improve the quality of our products and services.

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We are ISO certified. We do guarantee a very high standard of quality.