The SK-FENCE system is particularly suitable for fencing off residential, commercial and industrial areas. SK-FENCE profiles are sold in lengths from 100 to 250 cm. They are made of 1.25mm-thick EN10346 DX51+Z275 galvanised steel, with an average zinc coating of 25 microns. Subsequently painted in the colours Green – White – Anthracite, or in the case of large quantities also in RAL colours on request.

The system also includes the assembly kit, comprising: cap to fit onto the top of the post, stainless-steel snap-in clip to lock the fencing in place, bracket for attachment to the perimeter wall (if applicable).

Elegant, robust, resistant to corrosion, versatile, modular, simple to install and easy to transport, the SK-FENCE system is the new solution from SIKA SRL for modular fences that are suitable for detached houses, apartment blocks and industrial facilities.

If you’re looking for the greatest possible privacy but you don’t want the classic fencing panel, SIKA has the solution for these requirements, thanks to the Z-shaped profiles for insertion in place of the grid.


  • Available directly from the producer of special profiles to the final user
  • Rapid assembly without accessories, the clip system allows the fencing panel to be locked in place without recourse to screws or bolts – absence of vibrations

  • Highest-quality materials
  • Sturdy profile, post with traction resistance from 300 to 400 N/mm2

  • Post with plastic, weather-resistant cap
  • Exceptionally long lifetime thanks to the corrosion-resistant coating

verniciatura zincatura acciaio
tocco di colore

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