SIKA SrL experience in steel-working dates back to several years ago and was developed through the use of different types of steel: from the black steel to the galvanized, pre-treated, pre-coated steel. And also stainless steel and other less common raw materials like aluminum and copper strips.

The products are cold-rolled profiles in standard lengths or cut-to-size with or without on-line slots and holes. Shapes of the sections are also manufactured in various alternative forms: open, closed by HF welding process, close-seamed, clinched.

The roll-forming lines used for the fabrication of the profiles have been internally designed and manufactured in order to suit the Company’s need in the best possible way. Therefore the cardan-shafts system is used jointly with the cassette-system for a quicker roller-change. This is an absolute need when you consider that the majority of SIKA products are tailor-made or manufactured according to the customers’ design. Also the specific equipments and tools necessary for each production are designed at its interior: German COPRA software is used for designing the rollers, this being a great help for the engineers in charge of the roll-forming process.

More recently SIKA has launched also a production of fittings and accessories obtained from forming of metal strip, using mechanical presses of various tonnage all equipped with automatic feeding-lines.

Sectors of activity are extremely wide: building industry, security windows and doors, interior decorations, road accessories, agriculture, lifts, conveyors, ship-building, automotive, food industry, shelving, photovoltaic, automatic gates, ……………

Despite the world-wide crisis of the recent years SIKA was capable to go through turbulences and increase its turn-over thanks to its efforts in catching new customers not only in the domestic market but also abroad. Of course competing in a field widely covered by very large Groups it’s not an easy job; nevertheless SIKA flexibility, quality performance and capacity to deliver on schedule are surely  factors that help a lot.

For SIKA flexibility means an open mind mentality capable to understand and analyze customers’ needs, propose them the best solution – technical and economical –  keeping in mind that  customers very often are not enthusiastic about variations to their original project. Sometimes it’s necessary to reach a compromise: this is a sort of exercise SIKA is trained for.

Quality is the result of a continuous training of its production personnel and effort towards forming and keeping a mentality that consider quality on top of anything else. Or better, quality of the products have to proceed jointly with safety during working process. Luckily enough factory accidents are very rare and not serious.

Another factor of success is the engagement to supply on schedule and its capacity to fulfill engagements.

It is also to be considered that the good relationship with its suppliers of raw materials (namely ARVEDI, WUPPERMANN, ARCELOR, …………) has contributed to the success of SIKA. Their support, constant quality level and on-time delivery have surely become an extremely important issue.

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